I built the first pancake that I can remember ever building today. I built it because Luke and I decided that Luke should visit me for breakfast this morning. I told him that I could provide him with some protein in the form of chicken noodle soup (kind of like I built with my stir fry on Tuesday night), but he told me that he doesn’t like to eat chicken noodle soup for breakfast and that pancakes are much more acceptable. I realized that his visit was an opportunity for me to learn to build some food that I am not supposed to eat and yet not waste it. Both of these pancakes turned out well so that Luke was able to eat them. Even though I forgot to buy margarine and syrup last night when I was purchasing the pancake mix, the pancakes were edible because of the jam that I found in my cupboard since then. Maybe someday I will bother to build pancakes without a pre-packaged mix. In the meantime, I am debating whether or not it is worth my time and money to learn to build protein-laden food even when there is no one to eat it (thus wasting the cost of the food and the nutritional value of the food, but gaining knowledge for myself). What do you think? I will probably make that decision after my engineering exam.


2 Responses to “Pancakes”

  1. Brian and Jocelyn Says:

    I personally think it would not be a good idea to make food that no one is going to eat. I am not sure how you could learn to make food which has protein in it, but there has to be a better way. Anyway, thats just my $0.02

  2. Patso8 Says:

    service is a strange animal, but the true answer comes down to whether or not you can successfully build a protein laden meal with no one to taste test it…I would, however, be available for this position.

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