Impending Blessings or Impending Judgement

After I sat through the eight-hour Fundamentals of Engineering exam on Saturday, I found that I was nearer to Monroe where I used to live than usual, so I decided to travel there and attend the Quinceañera of the adopted daughter of the pastor of the church in Monroe that I attended when I lived in Monroe. It was the second birthday party of a teenage woman that I can remember ever attending.

As everyone else (or seemingly so) was busy dancing, I was standing and sipping my punch and talking to the father of a high schooler about the advantages of comedy colleges for science majors. My friend of a number of years entered and I congratulated her because of her recent marriage engagement:

Me: lady’sname! Congratulations upon your impending marriage!

Lady: Thank you Joshua! But you make it sound like such a bad thing. I think that you have just associated my upcoming wedding with doom, gloom, and destruction.

Me: I did wonder if that use of ‘impending’ was appropriate–

Lady: No, I don’t think that it is.

Me: –So I looked it up in an on-line dictionary to find out and the only example in the first definition was ‘impending marriage!’

Another source in the on-line dictionary indicates that impending is a good word to use for describing the day of God’s judgment because it is impending just like 2 Peter 3 says. The sweet thing about the impending day of the judgment of God is that many people have actually had the judgment that was to be applied to them diverted.


One Response to “Impending Blessings or Impending Judgement”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    dude, interesting word choice considering all the things we have talked about recently, hehe.
    keep posting
    -Josh Peyton

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