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NewsFox (not Fox News)

April 12, 2007

I consumed alcohol again on Sunday and I intend to continue my habit of blogging about each instance of my own alcohol consumption, but Bishop Jefro wanted me to point out a particular plug in to you: NewsFox. NewsFox is a plug in for Mozilla Firefox which will run through a list of feeds that a user provides and reports back to said user, indicating which feeds have been updated since the previous run through of said list. If there has been no previous run through (e.g. as at the first time that this plug in is run on a particular system), all available content is marked as unread.

The advantage to the whole thing is that users don’t ever have to spend whole minutes at a time by visiting their favorite blogs, only to find that they have not been updated.

Oh, do you know how sometimes a blog posting that was posted last night does not appear at the top of the blog page so that you may be ignorant of its existence for as long as the entirety of eternity future? This little plug in can find those too.

Once again, at least half of the elders at Seaside Church recommend NewsFox because it will allow you to become a better steward(ess) of the time that has been given to you while you keep up with all of the activities of your fellow missionaries and with those of those other people on the mission field.