Allegedly Impending Death Part #5

This is just a short post to share how I know that I am always in God’s presence. I first noticed it when someone called me on January 21, stating that God had told Him to call me. It was during a time of the day when I could talk and it was the day on which I was told that about the inoperable tumor inside me, and it was a person to whom I wanted to talk about it. But people claim that God told them things all of the time… that doesn’t mean that God really told them anything. They may be just trying to sound spiritual.

The unusual thing is that I have had hiccups at least three (3) times recently. Hiccups are painful for me because of the large tumor(s) inside of me. When my wife prays for the hiccups to stop, they stop and I don’t hiccup any more for at least a day. One (1) of these instances was just a couple of minutes ago. This indicates that God is paying close attention to my situation.

I asked Amber to pray for the tumors to go away, and she complied, but the tumor(s) still seem to be inside of me. Hopefully, God will destroy the tumors soon, but at a time that is even more glorious for Himself! In the meantime, please glorify God for being the Lord over hiccups.


2 Responses to “Allegedly Impending Death Part #5”

  1. Jean Foist Says:

    We’re still praying for you, Joshua. Thank you for all the effort you or Amber or the family members put into posting updates for us.

  2. therevsilverfox Says:

    my good brother – that phone call was one of many times that still voice inside – still a mystery to me – prompted me. My heart was broken with the news. I delight in seeing God’s presence sustain you in this walk of your life. He is gracious and what better person on this earth to walk along side you than your delightful wife. My prayers are on your behalf each day. And I long for God to remove that ugly mark of living in a broken world. Thanks for you long and meaningful friendship. –your brother

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