Allegedly Impending Death Part #3

I had a wonderful time singing worship songs to Jesus and talking about my hopes that God will use and remove the tumors that are inside of me while visiting Tacoma Christian Reformed Church this morning. I don’t think that I have ever had so many perfect strangers tell me that they have been in prayer for me.  Tacoma Christian Reformed Church is the church that my new wife attending during her growing up years, and which her family still attends.  Amber and I have been enjoying our visits with lots of different people.

The outline of my five minute speech is included below:

Joshua and Amber at Tacoma Christian Reformed Church on 2015-02-08

What is going on?

  • Joshua Has had cancer since 2011. Joshua has used chemo therapy and enjoyed four (4) surgeries.
  • Joshua married Amber on August 9, 2014, thinking that all of his struggles with cancer were behind him.
  • Joshua had the most involved and most recent surgery in October of last year. The surgeon was not entirely successful in removing all traces of the tumor.
  • Some of the remaining tumor cells have multiplied and grown a tumor that is so large and involved in Joshua’s body that surgeons are unwilling to attempt to remove it from Joshua’s body.
  • A medical professional has estimated that Joshua will live for less than 5.5 more months if he does nothing, and up to 11.5 more months if he uses chemo therapy.
  • Joshua and Amber are comfortable with not using chemo therapy for the time being.
  • Joshua has made a vow to throw a large party to share the good news of God’s miracle of healing soon after it occurs.

How can we pray?

  • Share about Amber’s prayers for her husband and Joshua’s dad’s miraculous healing
  • Pray for Joshua and Amber to use cancer and tumors and not waste them. This can be done by
    • Sharing their story, [with believers and with heathens] which inspires people to pray for them, bringing them into God’s presence more than normal.
    • Taking sin more seriously than cancer.
    • Seeking comfort in God and not hope of healing
    • See John Pipers small book called, Don’t Waste Your Cancer.
  • Pray for things to go well with Joshua and Amber and for them to get to enjoy a long life on the earth as God has promised those who honor their parents.
  • Praying for Amber and Joshua to get to become parents
  • Praying for Joshua and Amber’s life goals to become biblical, i.e. to do fruitful labor for Christ.

One Response to “Allegedly Impending Death Part #3”

  1. Clay M Warren Says:

    It was an honor to have you with us. Thank you for sharing and allowing us the privilege of praying with you. It will continue!

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