Allegedly Impending Death Part #2

Last night I was thinking of Psalm 116 and how God can be glorified by the fulfillment of vows in the presence of other Christians, and I think that I came up with a vow that is very appropriate to my condition.  I have already taken it.  I have pasted the vow text below:


Joshua Horky’s vow witnessed by Schuyler Horky and Amber Horky at [address] Bremerton, WA 98337:

Father in Heaven, cancer and tumors are inside of my body and the best oncologists have no hope for my recovery and no hope for my life continuing beyond January of 2016.  If you will heal my body and remove all tumors and cancer therefrom so that no tumors can be found on CT scans and no cancer is indicated by blood markers or other medical science, I will throw a party as soon as can be reasonably executed for the purpose of sharing and rejoicing in your miraculous work in me.  I will invite my neighbors and doctors, and in keeping with Psalm 116, I will invite Christians from several church congregations.

I thought of this idea last night and I have discussed it with several people.  The making of this vow was witnessed by my wife as well as by my brother Schuyler.  My wife and I have many ideas for the party and plan to spend several thousand dollars.  If you would like to pledge to contribute to the fulfillment of this vow, please contact me and I will add your name to a database to use at the appropriate time.


2 Responses to “Allegedly Impending Death Part #2”

  1. Dale R. Swanson Says:

    Hi – missed your time at the Church on Tuesday eve. Was on a sort of pilgrimage which God laid out before me. I have been praying for you most mornings when I awake and begin the day. May God i grace walk you through this valley and impart not only grace and strength for a good spirit but may His presence as the Shepherd lift you and your delightful bride into a spirit of rest and hope in His directions for you. I pray for you while we have time – for healing and a life of faith before Him. Thanks for including me in your posts
    Your brother – the right reverend dr dale swanson ::grins::(the lower case is for a reminder of our roots and the greatness of the One who resides in;on the throne of our spirit

  2. Glenn Atkins Says:

    I’m all in, Joshua! Lights and Sound!
    And constant prayers!!

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