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Allegedly Impending Death Part #1

January 25, 2015

Some of my negligence to blog during these last two years has been due to not having very many exciting things happen to me.  The remainder of my negligence to blog has been due to my occupation with the exciting things that have happened to me.  Exciting things did begin to happen to me after I returned from my trip to the DRC in Africa.

These exciting things include:

  • Taking a trip to Kauai (and back)
  • Getting a new job
  • Breaking my leg (spiral fracture)
  • Getting more than two dates with the same woman.
  • Losing my job
  • Getting a better job
  • Becoming engaged to become married
  • Becoming married
  • Becoming aware of and experiencing surgery to remove a fast growing tumor in my abdomen
  • Becoming aware of an inoperable tumor that my doctors say will kill me in about a year if I use chemo therapy and in less than six (6) months if I do nothing.

If I get around to it, I will type about all of these.  Right now I am typing this to ask for prayer regarding the tumor that is supposed to kill me.

Because of my wife’s prayers, I have a job that I like a lot.  I also have a wife whom I like a lot.  I like my life because of these good things that God has given me.

I would like to ask as many of you as are Christians to ask God for a miracle.  I have even found a promise of which to remind God in prayers.  Please remind God of his promise to provide a long and enjoyable life on the earth for those who honor their parents, and to have things “go well” with them (Exodus 20:12 and Ephesians 6:1-3).  I am asserting that I have honored my parents, but concede that I don’t know what the fulfillment of this promise looks like.  I am aware that many who have honored their parents have lived short and unpleasant lives, but I would like to glorify God in life for a while longer before glorifying Him in death.

Please share my story with others.  I believe that God is more glorified in his work when many people see it than when only a few people see it.  I plan to share what God does on this blog so that you can know about God’s work and response to our prayers.

I also wish to report my conclusion regarding a previous blog post in which I guessed that kindness might be a good way to get a woman to desire me.  It’s true.  My wife says that she is and has been attracted to my kindness.

Since writing the first paragraphs of this post, I have become aware that a more biblical reason to wish to continue living in the body would be to accomplish fruitful labors, as Paul did (Phil 1:21-22).  I realize that there is some overlap between this and my current reasons, but I wish to increase in interest in the biblical reason.