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Missional Solicitation

February 16, 2013

This is a solicitation for your money and prayers.

Those of you who are still reading this may be wondering, “Why?” and, “What could Joshua possibly do that would be worthy of my money, much less my prayers?”

The answer is that I have committed to taking a risk in order to do something that I have wanted to do since I attended junior college.  I am going on an engineering missions trip.  I am planning to leave North America for the first time to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo on March 7 and return on March 19.

I have been unemployed since November when I was laid off because my company closed its engineering department as a result of several company leaders retiring.  I have been applying for jobs in lots of places like Hawaii and Alaska, waiting to see where God takes me.  I made myself available to a couple of missionary organizations too, and Engineering Ministries International determined that I could be of help in preparing construction drawings for a proposed english speaking elementary school building which is to be run by the United Methodist Church of Southern Congo.

I am pleased at the opportunity to travel with a Civil Engineer much my senior from whom I may learn many useful things.  I am pleased that the land surveying and civil engineering skills that I have been developing for the past six years can be used to serve Jesus.  Having read John Piper’s book called Risk is Right, which was made freely available on the day that I decided to commit to this mission, I am pleased to take this opportunity to not waste my unemployment, and to visit a church in Africa.

If you wish to pray, please ask God to prevent me from doing and saying stupid things, losing my protein drink or other important items, and failing to love God and my neighbors.  I don’t want to waste any spiritual opportunities on this trip any more than I want to waste your money.  Please pray also that God will glorify Himself through the project and my work on it.

The cost to me is approximately $3000.  If you wish to give money, please continue reading.

Tax-deductible donations can be made easily with EMI’s secure on-line process by clicking on this link

This portal that will allow you to make a one-time donation or create an account if you’d like and track or edit your own donations.  (Please be sure to enter 5585 and my name in the designation field).   If the hyper link does not work for some reason, you may log into the EMI website ( and follow the link to “Donate.”  If you prefer, mail-in checks are always fine.

Thank you for your prayerful attention,

Joshua Horky, P.E.

Civil Engineer