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Baptism Event Coverage

May 9, 2011

The previous post of this blog announced my impending baptism.  This post is to confirm to you that it really happened and to reiterate to you that what Jesus did for me (think of Don Francisco’s song, or just watch the video below which isn’t as appropriately emotional as the song, but its a start).

This is an image of me reading my speech.

This is an image of me thinking about water.

This is an image of the portions of my body and clothing that weren’t immersed at the same to time as the rest.

This is an image of me.  My sister decided to take a picture of me since I had been baptized recently.

This is an image of me gazing disdainfully at the water.  Try to think of sin that way.

This is a video of my speech and baptism.

And once again, here is an electronic copy of the paper from which I read that speech.