My Second (2nd) Baptism

Hello everyone.

I am scheduled to be baptized in the Seaside Church building on Sunday, April 24th 2011 during the 11 am service.

I’ve been baptized before and I plan to explain why I want to be baptized again before being baptized again.  I’ve written down the majority of what I plan to say on Sunday and it is available here in pdf format.

Sorry about the short notice.  I haven’t been checking my church’s facebook posts often enough, and so I found out about the opportunity just last night.  The thing is that I’ve been wanting to obey God in this for a while now, and I put it off for a while before that, so I don’t want to wait any longer.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!


One Response to “My Second (2nd) Baptism”

  1. Brian Donohoe Says:

    Beautiful testimony, Joshua. God is good, and it gladdens me to see him working so mightily in your life to bring about real change of heart–which is a sign of true repentance. The Lord continue to bless your life, and reveal more and more of himself to you.

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