I was invited to the home of a family I know from church last night and I had a very nice time eating very nice food which was good for me, but which is all gone now. The family gave me a television antenna and I hooked it up today. I can now receive eight digital channels!

I took a look at them this afternoon and I am amazed that the things that I saw are somehow lucrative. I guess that this wouldn’t seem like quite such a suprise to me if it weren’t for the existance of public libraries and the internet, but since these both exist, I can’t figure out who watches it.

One of the channels is a weather only channel, so I think that I’ll just leave the tuner there.


One Response to “Television”

  1. Virgie P. Says:

    This blog post is great! So very true! But do you get PBS? There are some worthwhile things on there–although ironically, they tend to be among the least lucrative programs!

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