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The other Brandon’s Wedding

September 30, 2008

Here is an image of the front end of a wedding.  Up front there is pastor Paul Dean of Alathia Community Church in Issaquah WA, where I insisted that Brandon attend church with me when he moved to Redmond last year.  It was just a visit for me, but the two of us went out to dinner afterward with two other men and four young ladies.  Brandon decided to return to Alathia Community Church over and over again for the purpose of convincing one of those ladies to marry him (yes, one in particular).

I have two friends named Brandon, and now they are both married.  I took pictures, but I didn’t get paid.  I didn’t get paid because I don’t have good equipment and because my photography skills are insufficient, and because I did not indicate ahead of time that I would bring a camera with me.  I had fun anyway.

This is a picture of Brandon and Brandon’s dad and Brandon’s mom.

This is an image of Brandon and Brandon’s brother and Brandon’s other brother and Kyle, who was very nice to me when I showed up at Washington State University.

This is an image of pastor Busby of the Evangelical Free Church of Pullman and his daughter.  Pastor Busby gave his daughter away and performed a forty-five minute ceremony, which I am told was his shortest ever.

You can all tell what is going on in this image.  For some strange reason, the newlyweds decided to break the convention of tilting their heads to their respective right sides.  This picture would likely have turned out better if they had observed that convention.  No, I don’t know about that convention from experience, just observation and questioning.  Perhaps I should ask around some more.  Perhaps I can figure out how to include a questionnaire voting thing in this blog.  Until then, go ahead and post comments if you have experience.

This is an image of the back end of a wedding.

This is an image of the reception starting off in about the normal way.

This image shows the bride wearing the groom’s coat and the groom carrying the bride’s flowers.  This continued for the majority of the duration of the reception.  This image also shows Jay who was practicing his skill of walking in one direction while looking in another.