I had Brandon as my roommate for one year when I lived near Washington State University in Pullman Washington. Brandon had to take technical writing class in order to finish earning his Bachelor of Science degree and he wrote about beer for his final project. I understand that his writing about beer was well accepted and that his teacher was willing to put his or her points where his or her mouth was so that Brandon’s grades were quite good.

Brandon was quite generous and has provided the digital copies of his work to me. He has also given me permission to publish his work here for your enjoyment.

The Pullman/Moscow Beer Handbook

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my current community group leader and Seaside Church’s newest elder for inviting me to his residence to drink beer with his family on the evening of December 23 of this year after he learned that I was sitting at home all by myself.


2 Responses to “Beer”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    mr. horky,
    a very interesting post. i too have found freedom in my just turning 21, I just haven’t found anything I like yet… what did you have ? did you like it?
    and ok I am going to try and set up a blog. I hope you will visit it. what were your thoughts on talkig about spiritual things and stuff? You mentioned briefly something on the phone but I don’t remember. Email me at Thanks dude
    josh Peyton

  2. Brian R Says:

    Wow, that was an interesting read. It almost makes me want to go out an try some.

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