Picture #1

I have just decided that I could probably get a whole lot of fun blogging done by uploading pictures and then typing about them. Here you go:

I took this picture at the Bible Study Methods class that Bishop Jefro teaches. The black writing on the right was copied by myself, although Joey read most of it to me. This picture was taken inside of the house that Seaside Church began to rent for office space because the Seaside Church office was being pushed away from the previously existing Seaside Church building by many many children. Fortunately, the landscape between said house and the Seaside Church building is conducive to controlled access between these buildings.

Those of us who attended this particular class session (11/7/07) learned that walking in the light is strongly related to confessing sins.

I don’t always attend this class because sometimes I am busy serving the Seaside Church musicians instead. Now if I could just learn to do that cheerfully, I’d be all set. Well, maybe.


2 Responses to “Picture #1”

  1. Patso8 Says:

    It may help to properly classify whom you are serving. It may not though.

  2. Patso8 Says:

    I mean properly identify whom it is you serve.

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