Not feeling good about myself

On Saturday, November 17th, I finished reading the first book that I have finished reading in a long time because I had stayed home from work for a couple of days prior to that due to an illness. You might think that I would have gotten around to reading this book as soon as I had nothing better to do, but when it comes to non-biblical books, I generally don’t get around to reading much until there is almost nothing else to do.

I had been borrowing this book called Humility: True Greatness from my community group leader for a long time, but I got around to reading it after listening to a sermon about joy in humility by pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. That sermon can be accessed by clicking here.

When I started reading the book at my community group leader’s home a long time ago, I got through a couple of chapters and I thought to myself, “This isn’t so impressive. I could have written this because it is not rocket science,” but I didn’t get around to even remembering that until I was almost finished with reading the book this last time because I was so busy with thinking of my own problems and about how I don’t seem to be as mature as I used to seem to be, even from my own perspective.

So if you are looking for a book that is guaranteed to not make you feel good about yourself, there you go.


3 Responses to “Not feeling good about myself”

  1. Patso8 Says:

    Define non-biblical books: are these books included in the canon, books about books included in the canon, books on topics included in the canon, books about characters included in the canon, books about the lives of people effected by the books included in the canon, or romance novels?

  2. Joshua Says:

    The books that I meant to describe are the books that are not included in the cannon.

  3. Patso8 Says:


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