October 31st, 2007

Because my church’s Halloween costume party and under attended concert were held before October 31st, I had no particular plans for the use of my time after work on October 31st. As I was about to leave work, I decided to buy myself some skittles because I like skittles and I didn’t get to eat any skittles at said Halloween costume party. I drove to Target in Sliverdale and bought some skittles. I also bought a copy of the Firefly TV-show on digital video disk because it was only $25 and I had already downloaded it all from the internet. I also drove to the library, but then I drove home.

As I was walking near my apartment building I saw one of my neighbors (I’ll call him #5) entering the apartment of one of my other neighbors (I’ll call her #10). #5 was dressed for the occasion and as I saw him, I began to think to myself about how Jesus got invited to parties and had a good time. I then proceeded to think to myself about how I never get invited to anything (exaggerating slightly). After that, I did some thought processing about how I must not have been like Jesus and about how being like Jesus would be preferable to my then current state because sometime after I entered my apartment, I prayed, telling Jesus that if he wanted to invite me to a party that night, it would be alright with me.

Not long after that, #5 & #10 arrived at my door (the one labeled #8) and invited me to the bar with them because they were going to attend a costume party. Being the really sharp person that I always have been, I decided that God’s will was for me to go to the bar with them, so I thanked them and waited for the right time and put on my black Johhny Cash clothes and walked to the bar and drank my first Guinness which was not incredibly good. I think that they were surprised to see me I stayed for an hour or so and told the first part of this story that I have been typing and I left and I walked home without being run over.

I had forgotten how eating too many skittles makes me feel hung over well into the morning after.


4 Responses to “October 31st, 2007”

  1. Brian and Jocelyn Says:

    Maybe it was the combination of the Guinness and the skittles that made you so hung over 🙂 Do skittles make your mouth sore if you eat a lot of them?

  2. Patso8 Says:

    how dare you defame the good people at james gate in dublin, when they work so hard to bring you such a fine beer. did your guiness come from the tap, or a can, or a bottle? (these details make exponential differences in quality)

  3. Joshua Says:

    I consumed it directly from a bottle.

  4. Josh Peyton Says:

    Joshua Horky! What’s up man, guess what you just happened to call me on my b-day. I am 21! And I thought you did it on purpose! I guess not=) Dude. Nice article, Very nice of the Lord to invite you out for a beer in Sliverdale *(this is how you pronounced it)

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