Now I have been to three football games during my lifetime. All of the football games that I have been to were high school football games. The first football game that I traveled to was in Sultan, Washington. I went there and watched my friend Lane Barnhill lose. I went to another game last year at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds, hoping to see Central Kitsap play, but I attended on the wrong day.

Last night I decided to attend another high school football game and I traveled with the family of one of the coaches so that I would be sure to choose the correct time and place.

We got to see Real Deal Mark Keel do one of his jobs. You can see his back in this picture. The back of his jacket has an orange triangle on it. The team members associated with Central Kitsap High School were wearing the orange shirts. I think that the Central Kitsap High School quarterback did not get sacked during this play.

Some of the people pictured here are some of the people with whom I traveled to the high school football game.

Here is an image of Real Deal Mark Keel’s wife.

I was told to take pictures of a particular young lady doing junior cheer leading during halftime. I didn’t do a very good job. One of the pictures that I took is pictured directly below this text.
Perhaps a more interesting picture of the same subjects is directly below this text.No one sitting around me was feeling very enthused during the minutes one either side of halftime. I wonder if that was my fault. I guess that I’ll include another baby picture for you, and then some more football pictures.
The Central Kitsap Cougars did not allow those out of town Lion people to score any touchdowns.

Of all of the times that I attended football games this was the first time during which the team that I attended to see smashed the other team. The score was 21 points – 3 points. Don’t confuse points with watermelons or other things.


2 Responses to “Football”

  1. Abby Says:

    YEAH! Way to go Cougars!! Thanks for coming with us – it was good Karma – what are you doing next Fri?

  2. Brian Says:

    I think I left my brain at your house. See if you can find it.


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