Even better Judgement

A reasonable person might think that the last post was quite enough. Bishop Jefro has probably been thinking to himself that he doesn’t ever want to make root beer again except perhaps for his own personal use and that Joshua should have just shut up and been grateful for it.

I am sure that all of you noticed that I was trying really hard to be annoyed with the comments that became attached to my last blogging post. I really wish that I hadn’t tried so hard to be annoyed with these comments, particularly those from the church leadership because I have learned that at least two church leaders have had to have discussions about me and that must have required time. That time is time that could have spent on the mission or on resting or being refreshed by my joy and progress in the faith (if I had chosen to have joy or progress in the faith). But I didn’t. I was too busy trying to create and maintain confusion regarding the alleged mixing of children and alcohol at a Seaside Church event.

I hope that all of you will forgive the foolishness which I typed into the last blog post. I will likely re-write it and do away with the document as it exists now. If you particularly like it for some reason, please save it to your hard drive now becayse for me to have where it is is embarassing.


2 Responses to “Even better Judgement”

  1. Patso8 Says:

    I forgive you, my initial comment was meant to be a joke…but jokes of course have a way of sometimes being misunderstood, or even hurtful at times; example: your joking around about the event, or my joking around about your integrity in writing, so I would say in closing, you probably shouldn’t listen to Erics advice in the last post’s comment section, as if the joke were about him being gay, his tune would probably change…also please forgive me for my kerosene to your flame.

  2. Abby S. Says:

    Joshua – don’t go away anymore. We miss you at MCG… two Tuesdays in a row and noone to share onions and squash with….

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