Blogging from the Jazz Event 2

Well, the 1st root beer was good and people have arrived and the live music has started, but I haven’t seen anyone checking tickets.

I think I mentioned in the pre-event post that the proceeds from this event are to be spent upon chairs for church, so if any of you would like to get up from your computers to Seaside Church directly across the street from Evergreen Park here in Bremerton just to drop some money off for us here, please do because someone’s rear end will appreciate the purchase(s) resulting from your donation(s). An even better plan would be for you to show up at said church on Sunday morning and hand over said money.

The man in charge just told me that the tickets got axed.

Oh, and I just had some feedback through the guitar channel. Perhaps that is because I have never heard that guitar before I didn’t get to set it up ahead of time, or maybe it is because I jacked the slider as far away from me as I could move it without moving myself or the board. I suppose that I should know better. Oh well, at least I didn’t let it become very developed.


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