Blogging from the Jazz Event 1

I arrived at this event before I had planned to because I was called at home about one half hour before I had planned to leave said house. I was told that the musicians were ready to do a sound track and play background music and so on. I tried to leave said house immediately but was unable to do so because of the magazine saleswoman who was trying to win personality points for a contest because the reward for the contest was $1000. It sounded a lot like the program that I was told about my another sales woman on the Wednesday before. I disappointed them both.

When I arrived here, the band leader asked me when I wanted to have the sound check. I thought that he was in a hurry and unhappy about me not arriving as early as him so I answered, “in about forty seconds.” I entered the building and began to turn things on and he followed me and told me that we should wait for a band member and perform the sound check half of an hour later.

We finally made it through a sound check without his band and argued about the best way for him to make a recording with his MD recorder. Then I was offered a root beer and dug out my computer, and I’ll probably be blogging about this little event as the slow parts come.


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