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Work Pictures

August 31, 2007

This is a picture of my shoes and my blue jeans and my shoelaces which match my bluejeans. I selected the shoelaces at Target where there was minimal lighting because said Target store was not being provided with electricity. I was able to go shopping that morning because my place of employment was not being provided with electricity either. Fortunately, my home was being provided with electricity, so I sat at home for most of the rest of that day.

This is an image of me and the piece of watermelon which I ate yesterday afternoon. It tasted kind of nice and I didn’t spill too much of it on the drawings or on the desk.


More Visitors

August 24, 2007

I matched my all time high of five (5) visitors again this evening. I had a very nice time because Eric and Abby and Avery and Emily and Halsey came to visit me and eat my food and share their food with me. Eric is my community group leader and he came directly from his football coaching to his family’s home where his family honored him by waiting so that they could all travel to my home together.

The older children seemed to be cranky and hungry because the energy that used to be within them had been depleted during their afternoon at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds, but that hunger and crankiness seemed to vanish during the meal.

So while I was eating and after my guests had finished eating, their was some conversing. Some of that conversing went something like this:

Emily: Mommy, why doesn’t Joshua have a wife?
Abby: Why don’t you ask Mr. Horky? Ask Mr. Horky.
Emily: says nothing. Is again prompted by her mother
Abby: Go ahead and ask him Lilly, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about
Me: (not yet knowing what Emily’s question is) It’s over there (pointing toward the bathroom)
Emily: That’s not what I was going to ask.
Abby: Say, “Mr.” (waits) “Joshua” (waits) “why” (waits) “don’t” (waits) “you” (waits) “have”
Emily: … a wife?
Me: Because I’m picky and the women whom I pick are picky and there are conflicts in the synthesis of our pickiness.

Alright, that last line didn’t really come out quite that well, but I was happy to hear such a question from a little girl who just walked into my home for the first time to eat a meal.

After dinner we took some pictures and watched some football and music videos on my two notebook computers and Halsey fell asleep while I held him and then it was time to leave. Oh. Eric didn’t take long to discover that I haven’t read nearly all of the books on my bookshelf.

This is a picture of Eric holding Halsey while sitting in the chair that Avery says looks as though Halsey pooped green or yellow or some such color all over it.

This is a picture of Emily realizing that she really is still hungry and wants to eat even more dinner.

This is a picture of Abby (not to be confused with Abby herself).

This is a picture of all of my guests staring at other pictures which are being displayed by my computers.

This is a picture of baby Halsey who began to sleep numerous times during the evening.

Thank you for viewing these mediocre quality pictures.

Adam & Liumi become married 1

August 18, 2007

I attended a wedding today. Today was a nice day as far as the weather goes. I’ve included some pictures in this post. A couple of them are pictures of me having my picture taken. I think that I need some more practice with that. Oh well.

This is an image of me and the man who became married at the event which I attended today.

This is an image of me and the woman who became married at the event which I attended today.
This is an image of the first champaign that I have ever consumed. I consumed it during this afternoon.

This is an image of my community group leader providing for the needs of his family before the wedding began, but after the wedding was supposed to have begun. My community group leader attended the same wedding event that I attended this afternoon.

Blogging after the Jazz Event

August 18, 2007

Last night’s jazz event has ended. I found out that the feedback was caused by the lead musician on purpose, so I don’t feel so bad about it anymore. I was given some pictures of the event, but I don’t like any of them very much, so I left them out of the blog. Not much money was made for the chairs, but I guess that that beats losing money to caterers and musicians.

I managed to not give the lead musician such a bad time that he never wants to come back. I know this because the man who ran the show told me that the lead musician wants to help with advertisements next time. Free advertising is always nice. Now if we could just make money while we get people to advertise (I never did understand those beer shirts).

I found out that root beer bottles that have root beer inside of them are not supposed to be shaken up.

Blogging from the Jazz Event 4

August 18, 2007

Well, Real Deal Mark Keel has arrived with his wife and begun to eat. The saxophone player has become a flute player. I didn’t know that flutes were part of jazz music, but now I know that flutes (or at least this one) are a part of jazz music. Oh, that song has ended and now she has become a saxophone player again.

Blogging from the Jazz Event 3

August 18, 2007

Well the dinner part is over and the desert part has begun. I know this because the dinner serving dishes have been removed from the food distribution area and the deserts have been moved from my left to the food distribution area. Conveniently for all of these people, I am a phenyleketonuric and I am not able to eat the deserts in a healthy way, so there are some deserts left for the attenders of this event. Isn’t that nice?

I wonder what will happen next.

Blogging from the Jazz Event 2

August 18, 2007

Well, the 1st root beer was good and people have arrived and the live music has started, but I haven’t seen anyone checking tickets.

I think I mentioned in the pre-event post that the proceeds from this event are to be spent upon chairs for church, so if any of you would like to get up from your computers to Seaside Church directly across the street from Evergreen Park here in Bremerton just to drop some money off for us here, please do because someone’s rear end will appreciate the purchase(s) resulting from your donation(s). An even better plan would be for you to show up at said church on Sunday morning and hand over said money.

The man in charge just told me that the tickets got axed.

Oh, and I just had some feedback through the guitar channel. Perhaps that is because I have never heard that guitar before I didn’t get to set it up ahead of time, or maybe it is because I jacked the slider as far away from me as I could move it without moving myself or the board. I suppose that I should know better. Oh well, at least I didn’t let it become very developed.

Blogging from the Jazz Event 1

August 18, 2007

I arrived at this event before I had planned to because I was called at home about one half hour before I had planned to leave said house. I was told that the musicians were ready to do a sound track and play background music and so on. I tried to leave said house immediately but was unable to do so because of the magazine saleswoman who was trying to win personality points for a contest because the reward for the contest was $1000. It sounded a lot like the program that I was told about my another sales woman on the Wednesday before. I disappointed them both.

When I arrived here, the band leader asked me when I wanted to have the sound check. I thought that he was in a hurry and unhappy about me not arriving as early as him so I answered, “in about forty seconds.” I entered the building and began to turn things on and he followed me and told me that we should wait for a band member and perform the sound check half of an hour later.

We finally made it through a sound check without his band and argued about the best way for him to make a recording with his MD recorder. Then I was offered a root beer and dug out my computer, and I’ll probably be blogging about this little event as the slow parts come.

Jazz Event at Seaside Church

August 11, 2007

On Friday, August 17th, I get to do some sound mixing for a jazz event. Well, perhaps my volunteer will be doing it instead of me, but neither of us has ever mixed jazz before and neither of us has ever mixed anything that anyone has paid money to listen to, but maybe it will go well anyway. Please note that the date on the poster shown below is wrong. Oh, and there will be alcohol. I mention that because I have recently learned that knowledge of the presence of alcohol seems to make people interested, even in church events. So consider yourself invited if you are old enough to legally consume alcohol and enjoy jazz music without disturbing the people around you. Oh yes, the profit is to be spent on new chairs so that the next event can be made even more classy and comfortable.

Clarity of mind

August 3, 2007

I helped a business in Poulsbo move after work on Wednesday and this moving took four hours and the job still wasn’t done at the end of those four hours and I became quite tired because I am a paper pushing, mouse clicking civil engineer who doesn’t generally visit the field even once a week.

I returned to my home after I was all through and cleaned myself off and climbed into my twin-sized bed and fell asleep after a while. Then, after a while longer, I woke up again and then after some more time had gone by, I thought to myself, “my body is quite tired, but my head is quite clear. My head was not clear like this before talking to worship pastor Patso on Tuesday.” Then I remembered how the NIV reads in 1 Peter 4:8.

The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.

So we now know about one of the things that can be done with a clear mind.

Of course we can think of things to do to acquire or maintain a clear mind like:

  1. Confessing our sins
  2. Not becoming drunk
  3. Eating our breakfasts
  4. Sleeping when we’re supposed to so that we can be awake when we’re supposed to
  5. Many, many other things which you may choose to type about in the comment field

1 Peter 4:7 indicates that doing these little things can help us to deal with the end times.