From my secretary to all of you

My secretary (who is not really my secretary) set her doggy on my desk today while I was trying to do work. She then took a picture of me with her doggy. Aside from the evidence of the goo on the lens, I like the picture, so I have placed it here. Note the new-to-me 19″ flat screen monitor that I get to use. It is much nicer than monitor that I used to use at work. Also note the large array of project boxes.

After I finished working, I drove to Kingston and used the ferry boat to transport me to Edmonds so that I could travel to my dear sister’s house in Monroe. She will be leaving for missionary school in a week or so. She is pictured here playing a word game with my brother.

We finished off the day with the not-so-great Charolett’s web movie in Lake Tye Park and Apples to Apples and ice cream. I never have a good time sleeping at my dear sister’s house and that is why I am blogging right now.


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