Sitting in a room, big and dark

Last night I went to a local movie theater and received a student (or military) discount for the first or second time in my life even though I am no longer a student and I have never been a part of the United States military. The movie which watched was recommended by Trevor and was called Transformers. I had no idea what the transformers movie was about because I was not allowed to play with transformers or read about transformers as a child because my mother determined that she had better things to do than to determine whether or not the somewhat ugly looking toys were related to anything good. It had its problems, but was quite fun. Even more fun than the Spider Man 3 movie. The person who gave me the unexpected discount at the movie theater was a lady and most of the men whom I know would probably have advised me to pay a bit of attention. But none of them were there to remind me, so I don’t even remember anything about what her name is or what she looks like. Oh well.

Having more movies that I want to see, in a theater than I can justify spending money to see is unusual for me. I am not used to more than two interesting movies being built in a year.


One Response to “Sitting in a room, big and dark”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lucky. I don’t even get my ID checked for beer, and you get a STUDENT discount! Obviously you noticed the young woman if you are commenting in your blog……

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