New people igniting dry humor with fireworks

Have you ever been in a church or at the meeting of a special interest group and had your buddy take hold of your shoulder while earnestly whispering in your ear, Friend, look over there! It’s a new person! If this has ever happened to you, you probably responded by turning your head in the same direction that your buddy had been pointing and you expected to see someone who had been born only the day before. But of course, you were disappointed because there before you, seemingly at the end of the finger of his or her introducer was someone who had clearly not been born yesterday, or had he? You never know, because some people are born twice.

I finally got around to taking a picture of a person whom I met upon the day directly after the day upon which he was born the first time. His name is Halsey. Please gaze upon this picture which contains an image of himself. The same picture also includes an image of another person named Joel whom I met once at church and have spoken with several times at community group.

I have included that little bit of dry humor because I need to explain the difference that exists between dry humor and wet humor by contrasting them.

I had community group at my house last week and only two people showed up and both of them were women (they were still women when I saw them this evening as well). One of them brought a whole load of food because we were expecting a lot of people who decided to not come. We read through a lot of scripture verses about the day of the Lord and how disastrous it will be for many people (all of those who do not trust in the Lord). We prayed. We ate food. One these women left. The other woman invited me to watch fireworks in Poulsbo with her and yet another woman. I’ll call this other woman Lady C.

I think that fireworks on the 3rd of July is a really good plan because it enables people to have a good time staying up late before a vacation morning which can then be used for what could normally be called excessive sleeping, but would normally just be called sleeping in. This leaves the evening of the 4th of July free for going to bed at a prudent hour so that work can be done well during the 5th of July. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. It works just like New Years Eve and New Years Day!

Lady C was still busy working when I arrived with one of the first two women. I’ll call this woman Lady A (Just in case you were wondering about Lady B, be informed that she departed and left my home directly after the community group event ended and was hidden from my sight until Sunday). So Lady A explained to me a bit about power ballards whilst I explained to her a bit about how to wipe compact discs without damaging them excessively even though lady A kept going into and out of the place of employment of Lady C to see if she had yet completed her labors over which she had presumably been laboring laboriously.

At l e n g t h these labors were complete (or maybe quiting time finally arrived, I don’t really know which) and we picked up chairs from the place of employment (perhaps I should say from a place of employment for she has a couple) of Lady C and sat upon them in various locations about the parking lot from which we expected to see fireworks. After some discussion we found a place near a kid who needed to be told to not tackle bushes. This location was mere feet away from a fence which surrounded a large stormwater detention pond, so I got to spend a while explaining to ladies A & C about why stormwater detention ponds are built. Lady C related to myself and to Lady A one of her own experiences which she experienced while employed by an engineering company in California and how she quit over a conflict between her own wardrobe and the dress code of said company. It was quite enlightening for me. Then some people shared some wet humor.

My mother raised me to avoid wet humor entirely, so I stuck to dry humor, which leaves me many more options than wet humor because everybody knows that all wet humor is about the same thing, but dry humor includes endless variations.

Several pictures were taken by a 2.1 Megapixel camera that had a battery that quickly became depleted.

The fireworks were not very impressive in any way. They could not be heard very well from my location.

I was transported back to my home without incident.

Ladies A & C were very nice to put up with me for part of their evenings, and to request this report.


8 Responses to “New people igniting dry humor with fireworks”

  1. Crystal Says:

    um….wow…thanks for the “report”… lets be clear I am lady A, right?

  2. Joshua Says:

    right. I guess that I could have said that the names had been changed to protect the innocent. Oh well. Now everybody can find out.

  3. Crystal Says:

    perhaps. I guess I will just brave through it.

  4. Patso8 Says:

    uhhhh… did I miss the part where you contrasted the two humor groups? Or was it missing? Or was the example of wet humor the ambigous reference to what said humor is always about, rather than the countless nuance that your (dry) humor contains?

  5. Joshua Says:

    That is a rather poor contrast isn’t it. The problem is that I don’t really want to have wet humor on my blog. Oh well. At least I explained why I think that dry humor is better than wet humor. I think that everyone knows which is which.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Are you suggesting that your personality is better than those with wet humor?

  7. Joshua Says:

    No, I am not trying to suggest anything about my personality. My personality has many components, some of which I am sure are inferior to those same personality components which are in the personalities of other people.

    The blog posting upon which we are commenting does insinuate that my sense of humor is superior to a sense of humor that includes too much moisture.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Well how about we meet in the middle? I’ll “dry up” my humor next time we are around eachother. We were raised in families with COMPLETELY different personality traits. Watch out for those “water retention ponds” or was it detention?

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