Traveling to Mars Hill Church

I went to Mars Hill Church yesterday for the first time in 364 days. Mars Hill Church is the flagship of the Acts 29 network. I figured that I had been away so long that I could justify going again when Tim asked me if I wanted to go on Thursday. Tim is my volunteer at church. I used to think that I was the A/V lead, but I learned from a piece of church literature yesterday that I can probably get by with calling myself a service producer.

Tim and I finished up with our one (1) service at Seaside Church and decided that we wanted to show up for the 1700 service and joked that we would attend both the 1700 service and the 1900 service. I offered to build lunch for Tim, but he had family to visit, so we agreed to meet at the ferry terminal at 1500. I went home and ate something and drove back to Seaside Church for parking and walked approximately one mile to the ferry boat. I arrived as the gate was opening so that I could board the ferry boat. Tim and Tim’s sister joined me after I had decided that I would make the trip all by myself if Tim didn’t show himself. We managed to get along during the ferry boat ride to Seattle and we discussed how I could save approximately $500/month on housing.

We arrived in Seattle and found the bus stop. Tim and Tim’s sister decided to buy coffee and managed to finish just in time to hurry across the street and into the bus before it departed.

I have not traveled on very many buses. I traveled on a bus in Seattle with my friend Darin Brill when I visited him in Seattle once, but he had to tell me exactly what to do and what not to do. I rode a bus in Pullman Washington once, but I had instructions on the amateur radio and from other passengers. I think that the only other times during which I rode a bus were long ago when I was quite young and I was following my mother around because I was not allowed to chose to do otherwise.

I looked like I didn’t know what I was doing when I tried to begin the bus trip by paying at the beginning of a trip that originated in the ride-free zone. Then I insisted that we get off one stop too soon and we had to walk across the 15th Avenue bridge. I have included a picture of Tim and Tim’s sister traveling across the 15th Avenue bridge because of my mistake while carrying some of my stuff so that I could take a picture of them walking across the 15th Avenue bridge because of my mistake. None of the cars smashed themselves into any of us.

We arrived at Mars Hill Church Ballard in just enough time for me to greet my friend Darin Brill and to utilize the facilities and to be one minute early. I mean, we arrived in just enough time for my friend Darin Brill to greet me (because he was in charge of all of the greeters).


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