My dear sister’s visit part 2

Jocelyn and Brian and I finished off that day by eating birthday cake and watching an old movie called Ivanhoe. Well, it is only as old as I am. Oh, we also squeezed in some prayer for the problems of those other people. Then Jocelyn and Brian did some of something that would generally be called roughhousing. It is convenient that no one was living in the apartment that is directly below the apartment in which I live while they were doing that. Oh well, I guess that that is what being married is for. At least I got birthday cake.

Jocelyn and Brian had to sleep in a while after their roughhousing, so I left for church without them, but they arrived on time and met most of my acquaintances there. They had a nice time talking to the church planter and listening to the sermon, which was a recording regarding the minor book of prophecy called Hosea.

We only stayed for one service so that we could leave and eat French Fries at Fritz Fry House, but it was closed, so we took pictures outside of it.

There is a fountain outside of Fritz Fry House.

This is a picture of me and of my dear sister. Brian took this picture, but perhaps he would not have if he had been able to tell what was going on. Imagine that you’re trying to use a strange new camera to take a picture of your wife, you push a button, and all of a sudden, you see this image of another man kissing her which is displayed in your viewfinder and you can’t make it go away. Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

This is a picture of Brian and my dear sister. Just a reminder: Brian is that man to who my dear sister is married. I took this picture. Pictures similar to this picture are available from the blog of my dear sister and the man to whom she is married.

I have included these two pictures to illustrate the difference between the relationship that I have with my dear sister and the relationship that Brian has with my dear sister.

I have included these two pictures for another reason too. To point out that I can take better pictures than Brian can (You’ve got to admit that the picture that I took is better than the picture that he took)!

Since Fritz Fry house was closed (probably because the owner was in church), we went home and ate pancakes and such and listened to music and Brian left and forgot his shirt and Jocelyn left and forgot some stuff in my shower.

Maybe I’ll remember something else about this later.


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