My dear sister’s visit part 1

Because of the twenty fifth anniversary of my birthday and because my dear sister and that man to whom she is married will soon travel far away for a long time, she recently came to visit me for nearly a day with that man to whom she is married.

These people brought me birthday cake and ice cream and fruit juice and carrots and cookies and other nice things.

We started off our visit by going for a little walk to the beach where I briefly floated my Frisbee disk in Dyes Inlet. We walked to an abandoned restaurant called the Sandpiper which once ripped off my parents during one of their premarital dates. They were gracious because they wanted to make room for the vengeance of God and they later saw it burning up. It has since been rebuilt, but does not seem to be having much success right now. Perhaps it has been cursed by God. We had our picture taken while we were sitting in front of it. We then had a great time talking about the problems of other people that we know (further evidence that problems are likely to be noticed by everyone except their possessors).

After we arrived back at my home, my dear sister voluntarily complimented the cleanliness of my bathroom (brag, brag), particularly the floor and the toilet!

We went to visit my community group leader’s/neighbor’s new baby who had been born the day before. The picture of him that was transmitted to me directly following his birth made his head look larger than it actually was.

So there’s part 1. Compare it to Brian’s version here.


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