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Spiritual blogging (unmarried this weekend?)

May 22, 2007

I just blogged about more spiritual things (just what you all have always wanted to read).


Bishop Jefro

May 20, 2007

I will be blogging about worship pastor Patso again soon because I wound up at his house again last night, even though he didn’t invite me to his house and I did not plan to visit his house.

I can’t seem to remember exactly how I did it, but on Sunday evening, I talked bishop Jefro into allowing me to invite myself over to his house anytime that I wanted to. On Wednesday, I tried to invite myself over to his house, and we decided that I could visit his house on Friday evening.

So on Friday, I climbed aboard the Illuminate 2 and traveled along the same road that my dad lived on years ago to visit bishop Jefro. I was five minutes early so I decided to sit in my car on the side of the road, near the outside edge of a bend in the road and wondered whether or not any cars would fly off of the road into the Illuminate 2. I decided that I should stop wondering about that.

At the appointed time, I was received into bishop Jefro’s home and the television was turned off and bishop Jefro and his wife began to tell me all about their cat and their local library and how repulsive bishop Jefro used to be to his wife before they were married and they fed me an orange and a sweet potato and brown sugar and butter substitute. Then I watched them feed their son and prepare their son for bed because their son is not yet one year old and needs help with these things. Oh, they told me about their cat too.

I was asked about how I got to Seaside Church from Pullman, and they didn’t want to hear about how I got into my little car and drove, so I had to tell them which church I used in Pullman and which house I lived in and which website I used to learn about Seaside Church and what I didn’t like about the other churches that I tried in the area. I didn’t mention Dale Swanson to both of them, but I have realized that he is probably the person who prepared me most for typical Acts 29 events like the one I had last night at worship pastor Patso’s house.

In as much as most of the women who attend Seaside Church had gone away to learn about sabbathing, but bishop Jefro’s wife was unable to do that for various reasons, bishop Jefro then decided to take me to worship pastor Patso’s house to meet with men who were exploiting the absence of their wives in various ways.

Worship pastor Patso part 1

May 15, 2007

It is kind of funny that the people with the authority and the responsibility at the church that I attend are the three people with the comical nicknames: Lead Pastor Swanny, Bishop Jefro, and worship pastor Patso. Worship pastor Patso canceled a meeting tonight and told me to spend the extra time blogging and reminded me that he hadn’t read any blogs about himself recently. He must have recently read the proverb that says, “let another praise you and not your own mouth” recently, because he had the wisdom to avoid blogging about himself. So here we go.

Here is a picture of worship pastor Patso sitting to the left of “Real Deal” Mark Keel. “Real Deal” Mark Keel was sitting directly between worship pastor Patso’s little green car and the camera that took this picture during the time that this picture was being taken.

Worship pastor Patso does his ministry in an unusual way. I have observed that most worship pastors get things done by doing the things that need to be done all by themselves because that is one of the ways to be sure that things get done (see the end of my blog called What I did last night). One of the responsibilities of worship pastor Patso is seeing that the congregation at Seaside Church is led in worshiping Jesus with songs on Sunday mornings, but instead of doing this himself, worship pastor Patso has been able to find musicians whom he has directed to perform this task and the tasks related to it so that he can perform more pastoral tasks like premarital counseling and less deaconatorial tasks like tuning his own guitar.

I have been imagining in my own mind that you who have read the last paragraph are thinking to yourselves, “What good is a worship pastor who can’t lead worship music,” so I guess that I should say that worship pastor Patso used to lead most of the worship music at Seaside Church and still does lead worship music from time to time when the other musicians are otherwise engaged.

Not too long after I sent my resume to the elders of Seaside Church in an electronic message, the subject line of which read, Put me to work. I was assigned to the Audio/video (mostly audio) team which is also under worship pastor Patso. At the time, Seaside Church was running only one service and I was expected to arrive at the facility two hours ahead of said service. My first remark to worship pastor Patso was something like, “What in the world are we going to do for two whole hours?” and worship pastor Patso told me that he thought that I had chosen a strange way to begin a ministry with someone. I should probably not begin any dates that way because it might be the beginning of my ministry to my wife, and that would be a strange way to start.

My dear sister’s visit part 2

May 12, 2007

Jocelyn and Brian and I finished off that day by eating birthday cake and watching an old movie called Ivanhoe. Well, it is only as old as I am. Oh, we also squeezed in some prayer for the problems of those other people. Then Jocelyn and Brian did some of something that would generally be called roughhousing. It is convenient that no one was living in the apartment that is directly below the apartment in which I live while they were doing that. Oh well, I guess that that is what being married is for. At least I got birthday cake.

Jocelyn and Brian had to sleep in a while after their roughhousing, so I left for church without them, but they arrived on time and met most of my acquaintances there. They had a nice time talking to the church planter and listening to the sermon, which was a recording regarding the minor book of prophecy called Hosea.

We only stayed for one service so that we could leave and eat French Fries at Fritz Fry House, but it was closed, so we took pictures outside of it.

There is a fountain outside of Fritz Fry House.

This is a picture of me and of my dear sister. Brian took this picture, but perhaps he would not have if he had been able to tell what was going on. Imagine that you’re trying to use a strange new camera to take a picture of your wife, you push a button, and all of a sudden, you see this image of another man kissing her which is displayed in your viewfinder and you can’t make it go away. Doesn’t that sound pleasant?

This is a picture of Brian and my dear sister. Just a reminder: Brian is that man to who my dear sister is married. I took this picture. Pictures similar to this picture are available from the blog of my dear sister and the man to whom she is married.

I have included these two pictures to illustrate the difference between the relationship that I have with my dear sister and the relationship that Brian has with my dear sister.

I have included these two pictures for another reason too. To point out that I can take better pictures than Brian can (You’ve got to admit that the picture that I took is better than the picture that he took)!

Since Fritz Fry house was closed (probably because the owner was in church), we went home and ate pancakes and such and listened to music and Brian left and forgot his shirt and Jocelyn left and forgot some stuff in my shower.

Maybe I’ll remember something else about this later.

My dear sister’s visit part 1

May 1, 2007

Because of the twenty fifth anniversary of my birthday and because my dear sister and that man to whom she is married will soon travel far away for a long time, she recently came to visit me for nearly a day with that man to whom she is married.

These people brought me birthday cake and ice cream and fruit juice and carrots and cookies and other nice things.

We started off our visit by going for a little walk to the beach where I briefly floated my Frisbee disk in Dyes Inlet. We walked to an abandoned restaurant called the Sandpiper which once ripped off my parents during one of their premarital dates. They were gracious because they wanted to make room for the vengeance of God and they later saw it burning up. It has since been rebuilt, but does not seem to be having much success right now. Perhaps it has been cursed by God. We had our picture taken while we were sitting in front of it. We then had a great time talking about the problems of other people that we know (further evidence that problems are likely to be noticed by everyone except their possessors).

After we arrived back at my home, my dear sister voluntarily complimented the cleanliness of my bathroom (brag, brag), particularly the floor and the toilet!

We went to visit my community group leader’s/neighbor’s new baby who had been born the day before. The picture of him that was transmitted to me directly following his birth made his head look larger than it actually was.

So there’s part 1. Compare it to Brian’s version here.