Average Birthday

I realize that all of you who have VIPs are swamped because of anniversaries and birthdays and trying to be in two places at once during major holidays and other such things, but since I have no VIP, I have a tendency to think of things for other people to do.

One such thing is the average birthday spreadsheet which I built around the time of a house meeting of the Embassy in Pullman because there were eight of us and the child we were sponsoring wanted to know how old his sponsor was.

I very quickly realized that my creation could be used for romantic purposes, i.e. some sharp guy could input his birthday and that of his VIP and receive the output and use it as excuse for some sort of celebration with said VIP.

It works like this: The computer looks at the current date and then looks at the first input date and determines the number of days between them. It does this same thing for the second input date. These two numbers are added together and divided by the number of input dates (which must be specified by the user). This number of days is subtracted from the current date and the resultant date is the average birthday.

Just what you always wanted, right?

Download the file by clicking here.


2 Responses to “Average Birthday”

  1. Patso8 Says:

    so let me get this straight, you invented another b-day/holiday to help those who are already swamped with b-days/holidays?!?!?!?

  2. Joshua Says:

    Yes, the disadvantage is that I have created more business for those who are already busy (my secretary tells me that she plans to send all her guy friends to my blog in hopes that they will begin to celebrate average birthdays or anniversaries thereof). The advantage is that inventing this thing makes me look a little bit original. I guess that this is called selfishness. That must be why I didn’t post it on the church blog.

    But who knows, perhaps there is a bored couple out there just looking for something to do and this is just the thing for them.

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