Funny comments

During the meeting time of the community group that I attend, I received a request to include my comments in the main part of my blog so that they can be seen by all of my visitors who don’t want to press their mouse buttons just to see them. I received this request from my community group leader who likes to post his comments twice. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. If you know about this, please comment and I will make sure that everyone sees it (but only if you really do know and communicate it well).

So one day while I was attending that very same community group, a man who was sitting to my right said of his fiance who was present, “I never did any dating before I met her.” To which I responded, “Really? I didn’t do any dating before I met her either!” What a coincidence.

Addition: So then the hostess tried to clean up my mess by asking, “Joshua, have you done any dating since you met his fiance?” I had to respond with something like, “Well no, but that is beside the point.”


One Response to “Funny comments”

  1. Josh Peyton Says:

    short and sweet, I like the idea of blogging. maybe I will get around to it someday…?

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