End/Beginning of Year Activities

I have noticed that my most recent blog postings seem to be rather mundane. They probably are not very interesting to people who are not very interested in me. Before this I have managed to type about things that are of some interest even to people who do not know me so that they think to themselves that I might be a bit interesting as well. For some reason I have not recently been able to relate what I have been experiencing to particular philosophies or to truth in general. Well, either that or I am unwilling to type them here for the whole world to read. I hope that this is because I am busy doing what I think that I am supposed to be doing and not because I am becoming hardened by sin so that I can not pay attention to what is going on inside of me anymore. If you think that this is the case, do tell (me, not everyone else–yet)!

On Saturday and Sunday I visited with Brandon and Virgiliana (the lady with the name that I really like) in Duvall at Brandon’s parent’s house. We talked about some of the things that I have been unwilling to blog about. We talked to Brandon’s mother about politics. At least none of them believe that the United States Government blew up the World Trade Center in New York City, New York with pre-installed explosives. On Saturday we went on a little hike in a park in Carnation. We ate food that was bad for us at a place called Small Fries. Then we viewed Snoqualmie falls from the lower viewing area which I did not realize was available. To access this lower viewing area, pedestrians must pass by a building in which are several hydro-electric generators. Some water is diverted from the falls to make these hydro-electric generators do their job. We went shopping and bought food and Brandon built a stir-fry for me. Then Virgiliana realized that she had become ill. We tried to watch the Walk the Line movie about Johnny Cash, but someone had turned the sub woofer up a lot and then lost the remote control for the sound system so that we could not make the movie sound very nice, so decided to not watch the movie after we had tried to make it work for a long time. Then I entered the Illuminate 2 and drove home. Oh yes, we prayed for Virgiliana to cease being ill and for a couple of other things.

On Sunday I did my normal church work. I was glad to see some good progress being made in the training aspect. I was invited to three different parties, so I chose one and had a good time with it. I began to play chess with this one guy and because of his threats, I decided that a draw would be the best ending (that and the fact that I did not think that I could win). That was kind of fun.

On Monday I got to wake up at a decent hour and travel to the home of my mother’s parents for a visit with them and with my brother-in-law and with my parents and with all of their children except one. My mother’s parents fed us all quite well and gave me a nice shirt. Those of us who are not ladies put together a carport which was made out of metal pipes and a tarp and fasteners. We all had a nice time talking together, but my mother’s parents thought that the whole thing was too short, perhaps because in the past, we have come for more days at a time. I left at 3:00 pm in anticipation of another meeting which didn’t happen, but everyone else was leaving then and I have plenty to do. I made sure to get lots of sleep on Monday night.


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