Christmas 3

Visiting my dear sister’s home — the one that her husband prepared for her to join him in this past summer — is always pleasant because so many things inside of it are as they should be. It is inspiring!

My dear sister’s home has a floor area on the order of 450 square feet, yet she was better able to host her eight Christmas guests on Christmas day than were our nearby relatives who’s home has a floor area on the order of 3000 square feet (and greater ceiling height).

Amazing is the cumulative force of all of the correct relationships between the people and things inside of that home. If you have experienced such a thing, you probably know what it is that I have been describing. If not, perhaps you’ll know it when you see it.

On Tuesday I did go for a walk with my mother and I did pack up all of my things and I did drive from my parent’s home to my own in Silverdale while listening to #2 in the atonement/Christ on the Cross series by pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. There’s nothing like that sermon to make me want to run to Jesus (at least not that I can think of right now). I did arrive home safely.

Maybe next time I’ll talk about my driving.


One Response to “Christmas 3”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Hey Joshua,
    I still enjoy reading your blog– and not because I’m “dear” and no one else is. I think I might see you tomorrow– we are planning on visiting Grandma and Grandpa with most the rest of our family (minus Jessica) and I hope you’ll show up as well.
    your “dear sister”
    Jocelyn 🙂

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