Christmas 2

On Monday I arose later than I had in a long time and after a while we all went off to Denny’s for our Christmas breakfast. There was quite a line, but my dear sister and her husband did most of the waiting for the rest of us. I had a good old time sitting next to one of my dear sisters and talking on and on and enjoying the fact that we both have the same diet and didn’t have to listen to people talking on and on about how terrible it must be to be as oppressed as I am and so on. The only problem with the whole meal that I can think of was how rude and obnoxious I was to my dad who was trying to make sure that I got something to eat.

But I did get something to eat and I did get around getting my father’s forgiveness a day or two later. The rest of the celebration was spent at my dear sister’s house. My gifts went over very well and I believe that I can use all of the things that I received (except the drill press which my dad just wanted to get out of his garage), particularly the new pants that fit me (I have may never have been so happy about receiving new clothes in my whole life). Then we all played a game which was somewhat similar to Apples to Apples (which I did not win) and then I took a nap and then we all watched a movie which I did not want to watch called Ice Princess. It was actually not boring (probably because the star was a young woman). It made me think thankful thoughts about how my parents managed to control any worldly desire they may have had about having their children fulfill their parent’s dreams for them. I did bring myself to wonder whether or not this might be an issue that Disney took to the extreme, i.e. maybe it is alright for parents to inspire their children and push them to do certain things. After this was all over, we loaded up the gifts and drove home.


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