Lots of exciting things to not talk about

You’d think that since so many exciting things have been happening to me, I would be able to type about them. Well, I guess that you probably wouldn’t think that since I haven’t typed any of them for you to know about. I guess that I will just tell you about my visit from my friend Brandon who visited me on Saturday and Sunday. Please note that this is not the Brandon who visited me several months ago and was married to Virgiliana (I still think that Virgiliana is a killer good name!).

Brandon and I used the same room for sleeping during a particular school year in Pullman when both of us were undergraduate students at Washington State University. After Brandon was recognized by a particular person at Seaside Church and he found out that I had managed to live near Brandon for a whole school year, he told me that his respect for me had increased, as though I had just gone to war in Iraq with a contentious woman as my close companion.

What this Seaside Church attender didn’t know is that the reason that I met Brandon was this: I was attending a Christian college group for the first time and I offended his roommate so much that he became weary of speaking with me and referred me to Brandon. All three of us can get along great these days, but I was the person who couldn’t experience anything marginally unpleasant without exclaiming, “Sue!” I had been living by myself for a school year before I moved into Brandon’s room and I needed to learn how to come home from school and think about someone besides myself (I could write a blog entry just about that). Brandon could see that I needed a lot of help, and that is why he decided to put me in his room as opposed to someone else’s.

My, wasn’t that fun? Let me also mention that if cleanliness is next to godliness, I don’t want any part of it because godliness is a unit. Why in the world would you want to go doing things outside of godliness (that just sounds evil)? If you have godliness you should be content with it and enjoy the profit (1 Cor 6:6).

So Brandon and I ate dinner and watched Pride and Prejudice because it is a killer good movie and he hadn’t seen it yet and then we walked to the park in the freezing weather and had two fights (the latter of which I won!) and we read 1 Timothy and we read 2 Timothy and we prayed and we slept (in separate rooms). Oh, I forgot to type that we walked back from the park in the freezing weather?

I had some pictures taken at church, but they look quite lame, so let me refer you to this old picture.


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  1. Alan Micah Says:

    Hey Joshua. How do I put a link into my blog the way you do. Somehow you just type one word and clicking on that takes you to the link. I only know how to put the whole web address in. Example:

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