On Friday I decided to leave work a whole half-hour early. I was glad that I did so because as I was driving home, my cellular telephone informed me that someone was trying to call me and I decided to answer it even though I didn’t know who was trying to call me. Sometimes the people who call my cellular telephone are hoping to communicate with the person who posessed my cellular telephone before my grandparents purchased it from at a garage sale and gave it to me for my birthday. The text messages that they send me are kind funny:

“hey babe I miss u i wish i could b there to watch moview with u and charles”

“Hey wuts us bey go sorry i was such a jerk but the only reason i was being puff was because well u were being very rude as well for no apparent reason an”

“d i was just trying to defend my self i think we could be nicer to each other”

“y arnt u talkin back to me”

“this is chris if u couldn’t figure that out”

I think that some poor teenager had her cellular telephone confinscated by her parents who sold it because of her (possibly worthless) friends wouldn’t leave her alone. Oh well. I think that talking to these people and telling them that the cellular telephone is now all mine is kind of fun.

I was actually being called by Alan from Seaside Church who was calling to invite me to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Pacific Science Center which is in Seattle. It seems that Luke and Jamie from Seaside Church had purchased tickets from Jamie’s employer or something like that, and were unable to use them because of a schedule conflict.

So on Saturday I drove to Alan’s house and we boarded a ferry and traveled to Seattle for the display which was difficult to see because only dim lights could be shone on the documents, and then intermittently.

Unfortunately, I have never been to utilize the hebrew language in any direct way. A lot of the writing wa quite faint and may have been difficult to see, even in good light, but there was a big long peice of psalms with perhaps five entirely intact columns which was nice to see, and the annotations beside the artifacts were quite well done so that people who had enough time could figure out which verses of english text corresponded to a particular line on the scrolls.

If you are entierly ignorant about the Dead Sea Scrolls as was a lady whom I met in Junior college who had determined that the Bible had been corrupted by the Catholic Church in the middle ages so that we could never know what God wanted to tell us, please go and find out about them. I won’t pretend to be smart enough to tell you all about them, but I am telling you, “It is worth your time.”


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