Plug plug plug

On Tuesday I received a telephone call that I never expected to receive. This call came from a pastor of Adult Ministries in Pullman who is named Ceasar Paul. Strangly enough, I worked under him as a children’s church teacher at the Evangelical Free Church of Pullman which I attended for three years while I also attended Washington State University.

The reason for his call was inquiry regarding my employment, spiritual development, general well being, etc. I am still suprised that a pastor of a medium-sized church which, last I checked, was short on leadership, in a busy university town where people are coming and going all of the time, had time to make sure that I hadn’t forgotten about Jesus even though he had no particular reason to think that he would ever do ministry with me again.

So let me go ahead and advertise for this local church body thusly:

It is most convenient that WSU, which was the only University that I wanted to go to (for reasons pertaining to my major, the amount of money that I wanted to spend, location, etc.) was the only University that would accept me (by the time that I got around to applying to universities, the University of Washington wasn’t even looking undergraduate engineer’s applications). All of that is to say that I didn’t go to a bunch of different Universities and visit churches and rank them. All that I could really do regarding my spiritual leadership was to pray. And I did pray because I had heard enough stories about people attending colleges, even “Christian” colleges and falling away from godly behavior and spiritual disciplines and fellowship with Jesus for various reasons. These reasons included not having a decent church to attend.

God did answered my prayer just the way that I wanted Him to (it must have been a good thing to pray for huh?). The man who was the pastor at my local church body in Monroe at the time told me which church to visit first and I was able to determine immediately that I did not need to go church shopping. I found out later that the Evangelical Free Church of Pullman is not the only local church body in Pullman that seems to work, so there is no excuse for college students in Pullman who somehow manage to forget about Jesus while they are there.

Oh, let me brag about the Senior pastor there for a minute (Lead pastor for you Acts 29 people) who is truly a pastor’s pastor–both in practice and in qualifications. You may have heard Pastor Mark Driscoll tell the story of Porno Boy Vs. Hebrew Man toward the beginning of a sermon series from 1st Corinthians which was called Christians Gone Wild. I don’t know exactly which Porno Boy Pastor Mark was talking about, but I do know which pastor he was talking about, and it is just amazing to me that this hyper-educated (both in science and in theology) person has whatever it takes to run around and teach loads of Bible studies to biblical ignoramuses, many of whom can’t see their own ignorance (particularly some of those King James only people).

So don’t skip church when you’re in Pullman. Oh, and look for the Foundations for Marriage class on Tuesdays @ One Way books.

Oh, let me also say that having an elder of my church sitting just a few rows away from me during my graduation, decorated so that everyone could see that his academic acheivments were quite extensive was quite a pleasant suprise for me. I think that Christians should be everywhere.


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