Getting By Without (various things)

This week and probably next week, I will be getting by without my laptop computer power supply.

Last week and the week before that, I got by without my cellular telephone.

The week or two before that I got by without my cellular telephone battery charger and received the last call that I needed to take an hour or so before all of the usable energy was drained from the battery.

Aside from the observation that I seem to be getting very good at forgetting about various things and leaving them at my parent’s home in Monroe, I have also observed that getting by without things that I am used to having is an interesting mental excersize for me because it forces me to come up with new solutions to my problems which require equipment.

I suppose that the most outstanding example of this from my own life would be last year from June to December when I had decided to do without my car because I had just wrecked it. After all, work was less than four miles away from home and I really didn’t need my car at Washington State University. So for a while, I just walked to work and back, but then I discovered a bicycle that my dad had purchased at a garage sale for $5. This bicycle was in pretty lame shape, but it sure made getting to work quicker and easier than walking did. I had a great time while rolling it down the bumpy hill driving it really fast. One Sunday I pedalled it to Woodinville and back (40 miles round trip). I was amazed by how a bicycle could add efficiency to my transportation system through the conservation of linear momentum so that it made up for it’s own weight, even when being pedalled uphill. My dad told me that I would be suprised at the increased efficiency that could be bestowed upon me by a bicycle that fit me and was in good condition. I don’t know if I will ever get around to finding out about that though.

Oh well, this week I am having a great time getting plenty of sleep and reading the Bible because I am not busy playing video games and watching DVDs from the local library. You should try it sometime.


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