Must I be a Leader?

I was just listening to a sermon about spiritual gifts, during which the preacher loudly proclaimed that people are not leaders without followers. I heard him say that and I thought to myself, “I must not have the spiritual gift of leadership.”

So the sermon ended, I finished my video game and there was an electronic message waiting for me, directing me to this page.

Perhaps I am a leader after all. Why don’t you go ahead and comment on that (just click on the radial button labled anonymous if you have no acceptable digital identity)?

Ammendment: Here is another new blog, one which may or may not have anything to do with me.


One Response to “Must I be a Leader?”

  1. Pat Says:

    I have no acceptable digital I.D. but that’s ok my non-digital I.D. has much to be desired as well, while having followers is a good start to leadership (actually it makes a better end) it is not a guarantee for a good leader (I think Stalin had a few followers….and so does Benny Hinn) (but I’m sure you have little in common with either of these “gentlemen”)

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