I got to be the Best Man

I spent Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday on the wedding of my friend Brandon in Spokanistan. He is the same Brandon from far away that you may have read about in my last entry. Soon he will be even further away because he is on his way to Boston. I won’t go on and on about how I know him because you can read a bit about that in the notes that I wrote for the speech that I was privileged to deliver as Brandon’s best man.

As I typed, I arrived on Wednesday, at about 11 in the morning. I got up early because I woke up early and had packed everything on the previous evening. After I arrived, Brandon and I went over to see Virgiliana who had been sleeping, but seemed to be happy to see us anyway and we argued about whether DVDs are really better than VHS videos (which I am sure that they are). We all went out shopping for a suit for me. I think that it was on Wednesday night that we watched the first two thirds of Fiddler on the Roof.

On Thursday morning, Brandon’s bachelor party was held, which consisted of me and Randy and Brandon playing minigolf and frisbee and wandering around Spokane, although we did spend a few minutes talking about how Driscoll got kicked off of a particular radio show for failing to condemn oral sex as unchristian because he interprets Song of Solomon as encouraging it. We finished off that day with Virgiliana’s family in the Mead area. I tasted my first wine there and then.

On Friday there was a little rehearsal and a big pizza dinner, none of which I should have eaten. Fortunately, the only thing that I did eat was one bread stick, so things could have been worse. After Brandon arrived at his house (which he had also opened to me), he felt somehow unhappy about all of the people who had arrived and decided that he needed to chill. Somehow or other he decided that we should have a devotional time instead of a beer drinking time, so that is what we had. It seemed to make him feel better, but that is probably because Jesus made him forget all about how miserable he was. Oh, Brandon would also want me to point out that his feet were quite warm the whole time.

On Saturday I felt sick, but I arose and used the internet to help me tie my own tie all by myself for the very first time. I haven’t done it enough times to remember how to do it yet.

Brandon’s other groomsman named Devin arrived and we all sort of headed off to church, which was half a block away. Two cute little girls from across the street kept coming over and asking if the wedding had started yet and I had to keep telling them that I hoped that it had not because I was not supposed to miss it.

I was somewhat distressed when I saw the color of the dress of the bride until the groom explained to me that it was a traditional Chinese wedding gown and that it had nothing to do with any lack of redemption, justification, sanctification, or expiation. On top of all that, it is very aesthetically pleasing and much more modest than the standard white American wedding gown.
I really liked the whole service, which Virgiliana planned, and the things that the minister said, and I had a good old time making everybody laugh during my toast which Brandon and Virgiliana seemed to be quite happy about. I downloaded all of the pictures from the father and sister of the groom so that I can share them with you. I left too quickly and now I don’t know anything about the location of the digital camera that carried there with me. I left Spokanistan a bit after 7:30 pm and drove back to Sliverdale by 1:00 am or so on Sunday. Aside from losing my digital camera and my cellular telephone charger, I am very happy about the whole thing!


2 Responses to “I got to be the Best Man”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Nice suit Joshua. Is that what makes you better than me? Or the fact that you were the “best man”?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sir Josh,
    I just wanted to let you know that you wore a great suit. You’re Cool.
    Jay “Lord of the Large Lawn”

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