My first non-familial guests from far away

Brandon and Virgie visited me about two weeks ago. We had a nice time going to church and eating and wandering around the whaling days street festival and the beach and waiting for the ferry boat.

Actually, I didn’t enjoy the eating part that much because there wasn’t really any food that I could eat and Brandon paid good money for me to enter the Chinese Buffet. Oh well. We had a nice time talking about the differences between feasting and gluttony.

Notice my Bible Quizzing trophies in the picture there. I had been planning to throw them away in the dumpster (hard as that seems), but Brandon and Virgie decided to take them with them. I asked what they would do with them and was told, “we’ll have them.” I haven’t the slightest idea what that means, but I don’t really care because I got out of having to throw them away myself. If you are interested in this Bible Quizzing program, click here. Posted by Picasa


One Response to “My first non-familial guests from far away”

  1. B. M. Lee Says:

    Cool I wish I knew someone far far away so I could visit them.

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