My Dear Sister’s Wedding Picture

You may have noticed that my dear sister who got married commented on my previous blog posting regarding her wedding and informed me that I should go ahead and place a picture of her at her wedding up here. I visited her about a week ago and she mentioned that again, so here it is. I guess that she is a married woman and any relatives that don’t like this picture here will just have to live with it.

My little brother took this snap shot with a digital camera from the front row with no tripod and a built-in flash. It is just amazing how photography has become easier for people who know nothing about science (that isn’t supposed to say anything about my little brother). But yeah, there you go. You can see the blog of my dear sister and her husband here.

Speaking of weddings, I am to be a part of the wedding party for the wedding of my friend Brandon in Spokanistan on Saturday. That should be exciting. I’ll have to make some mention of how it goes.

Today I had Pat from Seaside Church over for lunch because I had purchased food for other guests without a confirmation from them and they were not able to come and everybody else seemed to be busy. He is a Francis A. Schaeffer fan, so we had a good time. Posted by Picasa


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