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July 30, 2006

I was at my neighbor’s house last night because of a community event called Sliverdale Whaling Days (Silverdale Whaling Days). It is kind of a street festival just like Duvall Days and Sultan Shindig and Seattle Seafair. I didn’t know that people invited their friends over for parties in honor of said events (or the fireworks that precede them), but there I was. I had already met the host at the Seaside Church in Bummertown (Bremerton), and he offered me a beer that didn’t say light all over it, so I accepted. While I was consuming this alcohol, my buddy from Pullman called me and I realized that the last time I had consumed alcohol was when I was with him at a party. Sometime around then I decided to try to come up with a list of occasions upon which I have consumed alcohol.

  1. In Monroe with my friend Brian. Brian has acted as my friend for some eleven years. I think that I was 22 years old. He insisted upon taking me out for this blend of coffee and alcohol. I said to myself, “this is probably the cheapest way to determine that I don’t like coffee and that I don’t like alcohol.” I didn’t like that drink at all. It may have had something to do with the fact that the drink was supposed to be hot, but I let it get cold.
  2. In July of 2004 I went on a little evangelism outing with a man whom I met at a college group in the home of the Claussen’s in Carnation. We handed out the Ray Comfort type tracks and talked to people. We (I) had a great time. Afterward, Samuel (said man) bought me some sort of alchoholic fruit drink from the QFC there.
  3. Then there was the time in 2005 that Dave at the Embassy said that I was invited to Applebees in Moscow ID and I had $10 in my pocket, so I surprised everyone by accepting. I ordered something called a Black Buette and surprised everyone by finishing it even though I ordered a small glass and a large glass was delivered.
  4. One day in April of 2006 I went to a place on the hill in Pullman (I can’t remember the name of the place) and had something called a Jeagermister. The music was loud and the place was quite crowded.
  5. Last night at my neighbor’s house while waiting for fireworks and cracking corny jokes.

So there you go (just in case you cared). O yes, as Driscoll once said, “WWJD? What Would Jesus Drink?) That reminds me that I should get around to trying some wine someday.