The Wedding of my dear sister to that one man that she likes a lot

My dear sister was married to a man whom she met at Bible college in Wisconsin. I am not including pictures of either of them because if I were to do so, a particularly sensitive relative of mine would become upset about it. Instead, I have included a picture of myself (having my picture taken) getting ready to take a picture of my dear sister and her new husband (no, he wasn’t born yesterday and no, he hasn’t been living under a rock since then). I can’t figure out why I was the only one there who thought of standing on top of that really nice rock there.

Oh well, it was a nice wedding on a nice day and I can’t think of any disadvantage to the whole thing for my dear sister.

We did get my grandmother to come out (the whole ten miles or so), but she had to be returned to her home almost immediately after the ceremony. Much of the other side of the family attended also. Posted by Picasa


3 Responses to “The Wedding of my dear sister to that one man that she likes a lot”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So when are you going to get married Joshua? Huh? Yea, well I haven’t found that unfortunate girl for me either. So we can cry together. Talk to me man
    Josh Peyton

  2. Jocelyn Says:

    As your dear sister who just got married, I really don’t mind you posting a picture or two. It’s not like I wasn’t prepared to have my picture taken, though I’m sure you could find some awkward ones of me with my tongue out or my eyes crossed or something like that (I would rather you put up a nice one of course). Who is the relative who wouldn’t want our pictures up? Other than that, I just went back through all your blog entries, read them all and all the comments. Nice blogging.

  3. Gabriel Foist Says:

    Joshua, hey great bolg. I just got home from Annual Training with The Arizona Army National Guard and was forwarded your blog by my mom. Any way I read the two blogs (I am not up on blog lingo) and really enjoyed it. I’d love you hear from you and catch up. PS I am married and still have to work at the topic you discuss above. 🙂

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