The least interesting post yet

I am standing outside of the apartment in which I reside because I want to be able to use the internet connection from the local union office which is north of the complex. Since moving here, I have decided that unions are good for something after all. I had been walking three blocks to the Silverdale Public Library, but I found out yesterday that I need only step outside and over to the left a few feet. This is kind of handy because the deck railing is wide and makes a decent platform for the cutting board that I place my computer on. I am quite happy about this cutting board because it allows me to place my computer on top of blankets and other things that would otherwise interfere with the ventalation system of my computer.

I went to see the cars movie last week and found myself grinning and laughing through most of it.

I am unhappy because I think that Jesus wants me to be talking to my neighbors, but I am not doing so.

One neighbor seems to like watching movies a lot. Another seems to like standing in front of the apartment in which he resides while smoking.


2 Responses to “The least interesting post yet”

  1. brittany Says:

    heyy u had commented me before but i dont noe u so dont unless its important

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Josh, this is Brandon’s mother. Glad we identified the camera that seemed to mysteriously appear in our van. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Interesting blog. You should write a book some day.

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