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The Wedding of my dear sister to that one man that she likes a lot

June 26, 2006

My dear sister was married to a man whom she met at Bible college in Wisconsin. I am not including pictures of either of them because if I were to do so, a particularly sensitive relative of mine would become upset about it. Instead, I have included a picture of myself (having my picture taken) getting ready to take a picture of my dear sister and her new husband (no, he wasn’t born yesterday and no, he hasn’t been living under a rock since then). I can’t figure out why I was the only one there who thought of standing on top of that really nice rock there.

Oh well, it was a nice wedding on a nice day and I can’t think of any disadvantage to the whole thing for my dear sister.

We did get my grandmother to come out (the whole ten miles or so), but she had to be returned to her home almost immediately after the ceremony. Much of the other side of the family attended also. Posted by Picasa

What I did last night.

June 17, 2006

This posting is for my boss’s wife because I was told yesterday that she thought that I wouldn’t even chop up vegetables. I imagine that she thought so because I eat a raw but baked potato for lunch and I just smile and nod when people suggest that I take the trouble to take care of myself.

I was lying around yesterday after work because I was tired. It is probable that I was tired because I hadn’t eaten enough. I started thinking about Proverbs 14:17 which says that

Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox (NASB).

And I also thought about how husbands are supposed to love their wives as their own bodies, and it occurred to me (as it has before) that no woman in her right mind is going to think that I will be diligent enough to love her and to take care of her while I am too lazy to take care of my own body. It reminds me of the assertion that Francis Schaeffer made in his dinky little book called The Mark of the Christian. It is about how Jesus gives the world the right to determine whether He was sent by His Father based on whether believers love each other.

So I got up and off of my bed and figured out what I wanted and wrote it down and walked down the road to the Red Apple store. I walked in and looked at the produce and held my list in front of me. This one guy there commented that he liked my list. I am pretty sure that he thought that I had been sent by my mother. I felt kind of bad about how many plastic bags I had to use to carry all the different vegetables seperately. When I got the front, the checkout lady called me hon. I think that she also thought that my mother had sent me to the store for her. It probably doesn’t help that I appear to be about six years younger than I really am.

So I went home and built a stir fry and ate it and I have been living happily ever since. I guess it just goes to show that if you want something to get done, there are but three ways to make it happen (or so Tom Rief told me):

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Pay someone else to do it
  3. Tell someone that it can’t be done or that they can’t do it

Since I was told that my boss’s wife said that I wouldn’t do something, I went out and did it. I should probably do it again soon.

Let me just tell you that you are unable or unwilling to leave comments and converse about my problems because you know that you have your own. Now maybe I’ll get more feedback (uh-huh).

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The least interesting post yet

June 14, 2006

I am standing outside of the apartment in which I reside because I want to be able to use the internet connection from the local union office which is north of the complex. Since moving here, I have decided that unions are good for something after all. I had been walking three blocks to the Silverdale Public Library, but I found out yesterday that I need only step outside and over to the left a few feet. This is kind of handy because the deck railing is wide and makes a decent platform for the cutting board that I place my computer on. I am quite happy about this cutting board because it allows me to place my computer on top of blankets and other things that would otherwise interfere with the ventalation system of my computer.

I went to see the cars movie last week and found myself grinning and laughing through most of it.

I am unhappy because I think that Jesus wants me to be talking to my neighbors, but I am not doing so.

One neighbor seems to like watching movies a lot. Another seems to like standing in front of the apartment in which he resides while smoking.