More about My Graduation

My little brother commented that I should post more about my college graduation, so here we go.

I guess I should begin by clarifying (just in case you haven’t read my Parents posting) that the degree I received was Bachelor of Science of Civil Engineering from Washington State University. Oh, and the job that I have is a civil engineering job and the task at hand in my place of employment is the preparation of drainage reports for approval by Kitsap County.

People came to visit me on my graduation day. Pictured here with me are my good friend Brandon and his good friend Virgiliana who has agreed to marry him. Both of my parents and both of my brothers and both of my sisters also came along with my great grandmother and my great uncle Kerby who is a Civil Engineer in Lewiston Idaho.

My parents and my brothers and Brandon and Virgie and myself ate at Taco del Mar and Brandon and Vergie put up with my family and all of the moving and such that I had to do to move out of the Embassy where I lived for two years in Pullman. That was all quite gracious of them. My parents drove a great big van over to put my stuff in. My mother and my brothers and I left for Monroe on the day after graduation, but everyone else left on the day of graduation because of things that they needed to get done. Brandon and Virgie decided to stay with me until about nine that evening talking and listening to music and watching a TV show from the third season of Hogan’s Heroes. Posted by Picasa


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