Children’s Church

When I grew up I was very rarely allowed to attend children’s church because my parents determined that my time would be better spent by practicing for adulthood in adult church. I now agree with them.

My church recently lost two pastors, one to church planting, another to a church in a neighboring city, so my church was left with leadership needs. Because of these needs, the children’s ministry at my church has been opened to not only the skilled, but also to the plain old willing. I am a part of the plain old willing. That is to say that I am not skilled in dealing with children.

This picture is a picture of two people having their pictures taken. The person whose head is nearest the top of the picture is Josh who helps me. He comments on my blog sometimes and it was his idea for me to type about children’s church in my weblog. That person in front of him is a student.

I am told that these kids behave worse than people do in public school. Posted by Picasa


One Response to “Children’s Church”

  1. Josh Says:

    Woa, Hey, where did you get that picture. You know that really isn’t me. You must have photoshoped that!!

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