Re: So what do you do for sex?

You may have noticed that my little brother replied to my VIP posting. Being a young teenage male, he wanted to know how I responded when I was asked, “So what do you do for sex?”

If I remember correctly, this response went something like this: “Nothing.” Of course this man couldn’t believe that and proceeded to question me further regarding masturbating and a particular homosexual act, both of which he praised because of the pleasure he said that they brought him. The visit ended directly after he asked me to remove his pants from his body.

I told the activities director that I would only put up with so much of that kind of preaching before I began some preaching of my own and we agreed that I would cease visiting that individual. I think it is interesting that some of the men there are glad that I am in Jesus, some are just glad to talk to someone, but some want to have sex with me.

Perhaps some later posting will include my reasoning for believing that masturbating is wrong. I guess I will just say that the power that God continually provides for me so that I can avoid masturbating is a great assurance that I really am in Jesus and that He is taking care of me and that He will continue to do so even if I die. I think that since I am living a (nearly) superhuman lifestyle, Jesus must be living in me. I tried to stop without His help multiple times. Each was unsuccessful.

So yeah, if anyone cares to know more about my experiences with masturbating and Jesus changing me, I will share with him (or her as the case may be).


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