I had a most unexpected pleasure yesterday. Let me tell you all about it.

I was going over to the home of my friend who is married and has one child. He and I and perhaps the rest of his family were about to go shooting because I have not practiced in a very long time.

As it turned out, no shooting was done. His family piled into a small SUV with me and met another family and drove up into a recreational area at a relatively high elecation and played in the snow.

After the playing in the snow was done, we all returned the the home of the second family and rode unreliable trail bikes around the lawn. I had never driven a motorized cycle before and I tipped mine over and now I have a bruise on my right shin. I really didn’t know what I was doing. It was good that I stayed off the road.

I was invited to dinner at the same home. It was during dinner that I realized that all three of the children that lived there were exceptionally well behaved, but also fun to watch (most people would say “cute”).

If I understand right, their father is an elder in the church and is quite concerned about making sure that he is above reproach. He is quite conservative and goes further than I would, but I wasn’t about to disagree with him unless I was asked, since I was enjoying his hospitality.

It has just been so long since I have seen members of a family pay so much attention to each other. It was kind of interesting to look at it and think that I could have a family just like that soon (like in five years or so).


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