The Nuart

This is kind of fun. I just arrived at the Nuart Theatre in Moscow Idaho where I talked to that one kid about Jesus two weeks ago. I can hear one man sharing his testimony with a lady at the next table. I arrived with my computer, but without my power supply and without my mouse. My onboard touchpad mouse has not worked since I had to take my computer apart so that I could replace my power jack, so I am relying upon my keyboarding skills entierly. I guess it is good that I don’t plan to be here for longer than the two hours that my battery is supposed to be able to last.

The Nuart is great for a whole load of reasons:

1. You don’t have to buy anything
2. There is free internet
3. There are lots of Christian books that you can pick up and read or buy
4. On Tuesday nights the owner plays his guitar and his harmonica and he is quite good. Some of the songs are about Jesus, but some of them are not.
5. There are free movies to watch on Friday nights.

Again, the Nuart used to be a theatre, but it is set up as a book store, a coffee shop, a theatre, a concert venue, and a church.


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